We all have done it successfully on 10th April 2016.

Evironment around us is very effective for our daily living. We know that some people try to live with good environment yet others does not care of this thing. So on the 10th April 2016 before Khmer New Year, we have done our new mission , pick up the plustic a long the road and the path. Our goal, we want other people know the value of good environment. And especailly, we would love other peope to know the bad impack of throwing pluctic away.

Well, we have 260 students who joined with us yesterday. And we have 50 vilagers to joined with us too. Other, we have 10 police men and 5 people from commune officer.
we hope it can be a good example for other poeple to considerate of their lives now.

DSCN8446 DSCN8448 DSCN8450 DSCN8451 DSCN8455 IMG_0909 IMG_0973

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