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Volunteer placements bring a large value to our program at the Universal Friendship School. Volunteer teachers can offer support in a wide variety of ways, and due to the small nature of our association volunteer placements are highly flexible. It is always a pleasure to host volunteers, as new teachers can offer a world perspective that is valued by our students. If you are travelling to Cambodia, please consider volunteering with our program.

The volunteer program at the Universal Friendship School is relatively new, and always a different experience for each volunteer. Past volunteers have stayed a minimum of one month, however we are able to accommodate shorter volunteering capacities. Below is some information about what a possible volunteer placement could look like. If you are interested, please contact us to begin discussing what your volunteer placement could look like.

Volunteer Areas: We desire most the opportunity to host teachers who can teach English as a second language. Other areas of volunteering include opportunities for those with computer skills, building skills, photography/multimedia, and other areas of expertise.

Volunteering at the School: Historically, volunteers plan their time around the schedule of the schools. This means completing lessons for students for a few hours every evening, and lesson planning and completing other special tasks during the day time, as fit for your expertise. There are several hundred students at the school locations – building friendships and having fun are some of the most beneficial products of our volunteer placements.

Living in Cambodia: Living in Cambodia is an exciting experience. Siem Reap features many local and foreign food options, as well as world-renowned historic sites such as the Angkor Wat. Cambodia is a hot place, and temperatures are known to exceed 50oC. Health and sanitation are not at high standards, and so it is highly recommended that volunteers travel with emergency medical health insurance. The people of Cambodia are famously friendly and welcoming. Your time here will likely be remembered by eating local fried rice, making lasting friendships, and by relaxing in the sanctuary of air-conditioned rooms during midday heat.

Costs Involved: Volunteering at the Universal Friendship School is free. However, volunteers are responsible for their own living, transportation, and additional costs. Typically for a month, accommodation is $200, meals range from $3-$8 each, and transportation includes the option of using a motorcycle or hiring a driver to travel to and from the school every day. Additional costs include visa costs (as appropriate for your nationality), and insurance costs (for your travel insurance and motorcycles insurance if applicable). It is wise to plan ahead before determining if you are financially ready to volunteer in Cambodia.

If this sounds like it is for you, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and being the planning of your volunteer placement with our program! Our team can help arrange for your housing and transportation needs before your arrival, and ensure that you are informed about anything you may require while you are here. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions that you may have. We look forward to having you join us!

Past Volunteer Profiles:

Rachael Delano

We will never forget the presence of Ms. Rachael Delano who came to be our first English volunteer teacher at FACCH in our new school building at Kouk Trach Village. Rachael, a student from Canada, has volunteered at the school for two summers, offering lessons in English, the Environment, and IT support. The teachers and students offer a big thanks to Ms. Rachael for her valuable time to spent sharing her education and life experience.

“I have loved being a volunteer here both times I’ve been in Cambodia. The students are wonderful, and I love making lasting friendships with them. Living in Siem Reap is also a beautiful experience. I will always carry with me the memories I have of this place.”

Jack Bennet

Jack Bennet came from Canada to help volunteer for one month, teaching English, lessons on the Environment, and supporting our website. Jack helped to volunteer at both school locations during his time in Cambodia, and was able to develop his teaching skills as one of our volunteers.

Working with the students and staff at the Universal Friendship School has been deeply inspiring. The commitment and passion that the volunteer teachers demonstrate, mixed with the energy and desire to learn that the students bring makes this school an incredible place.


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