Friendship Association For Cambodian Child Hope available class.

  1. Computer Programme

This is our wonderful program to develop our student’s ability and to have a good challenge for their near future. Here is our computer program to train lovely student to reach the world clearly and clearly. Well, now it is the technology time and every place and time, we hear from the people around us talking about the technology for their daily communication and conversation. So for developing  human resource in Cambodia, (F A C C H) have set up the computer program to train the students for 2 years already. It has started this program since 1st January 2015 until now. We are also looking for Volunteer who has skill on this program.IMG_20160610_101223 IMG_20160608_083450 IMG_20160722_103800 IMG_20160722_104536 IMG_20160608_083454

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