Project Overview

The Friendship Association for Cambodian Child Hope is excited to introduce to you our main project: the Universal Friendship School.

This new school, located in the countryside of Siem Reap province, is aimed at empowering rural children and orphans with the education and tools required to break out of the poverty cycle, pursue their dreams, and to create for themselves a bright new future.

This non-government, non-profit organization facilitates children of all ages from kindergarten through to post-primary level. New boarding facilities will be built in order to accommodate the students and to eliminate distance and travel as barriers to education.

Our core curriculum is based on a thorough, proven, multi-level English course combined with computer skills. The course will be delivered by both local and volunteer teachers. Our graduates will be in an excellent position to obtain jobs, particularly in Siem Reap’s rapidly growing tourism/hospitality sector, or to pursue further secondary/tertiary education.

Our Goals

1. Give the children of seven villages in Bakong the tools needed to build themselves a bright new future through:
a. A thorough, multi-level English course
b. Computer training in word processing/Excel/PowerPoint/Photoshop
c. Fostering of core moral values such as hard work, perseverance and humility
d. The recognition and fostering of individual skills and talents

2. Eliminate barriers and improve access to education through:
a. Our free, non-profit school
b. The creation of boarding facilities to eliminate distance and travel barriers
c. Remaining completely independent of government politics

3. Improve local communities (directly and indirectly) through:
a. Increasing local income, reducing poverty, and creating jobs
b. Promoting propagation of knowledge to the poor
c. Reducing rates of crime, drug, and alcohol abuse
d. Using community-based approaches to our school operations
e. Breaking the generational “poverty cycle”

4. Create an organization with a culture of honesty and integrity through:
a. Complete operational and financial transparency

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