F A C C H’s field trip to Phreah Vihear province
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We have a field trip tour to visit every year so such this year we have a tour for school field trip tour as every year as well to visit Phreah Vihear mountain, north of Siem Reap about 300 km from Siem Reap to Phreah Vihear. Phreah Vihear is the bother between Cambodia and Thailand and it is a place having argument around Phreah Vihea since 2008, yet it is a beautiful place for tourists who would like to visit natural thing and to have natural tour. We have some things to tell you too.

UFSCC Tour to Preah Vihea Temple 2These photos took on the 8th April 2013

UFSCC Tour to Preah Vihea Temple

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