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On the 10 April 2016, we all are collecting the plustick a long the raod and the path around our community, Lolite temple, Bakong commune, Brasat Bakong district, Siem Reap provine. Join with us to have good environment.DSCN7994 DSCN8375 DSCN8395 DSCN8379 DSCN8393


Since Universal Friendship School for Cambodian Children opened for building children education to help the poor children, it has done many things for improvement education in its society. For example it has completed such as things below:
It opens the door to raise children with education and teaching the poor children for charity is UFSCC main goal. It means that UFSCC gives the children a gift special chance for their lives.Learning children from primary lec level to high school level every every day.The children have more and more chance to attend the school and it always explain the education for their future that they can’t live without it for their future.

UFSCC Activities UFSCC Activities

We are studying in U FSCC happily and UFSCC makes us to have big hope and can force our dream to be true. UFSCC is very good place to build education for street, orphaned a and poor children such as us. UFSCC makes us understand- ing the value of our lives and future clearly and clearly. We thanks and love UFSCC from our heart.UFSCC ActivitiesUFSCC Activities

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