New school building constructions
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Universal Friendship School for Cambodian Children is expanding its one more new school building in Kouk Trach village away from the eastern Siem Reap city. Now it is filling up more soil on the land of building new school and it is full of soil yet it has not started building a new building yet. Although the new building is to build soon possible it relies on the raising money by this internet and visitors at our school. We are lacking money to build the new school, we need $25000 to build the new school. We are planning to open four skills for children and adults such as foreign languages, Sewing, fixing bicycle, motor bike and electronic expert, so we have to build three buildings. The first step, we will build foreign language building, second step, we will build place of sewing and the third step, we will build the electronic building. There are about 500 children waiting to attend this school. So we hope you open your heart to join with us saving these children. To build them bright future altogether.

Your piece of help is very important to our school.

If you need more information, please contact to Mr. Huok Hun, a head of programme by this email: Tel: (855)92828625/093575884. We all are looking for your contribution and getting your suggestion.

These are some activities of new school building assessing daily.

We have some photos and video clips to show.

UFSCC School Building Construction 2
This photo shows you in front of the land to build a new school.
UFSCC School Building Construction 3
This photo shows you the land space.
UFSCC School Building Construction
This photo shows you about the cars are filling up the soil on the land of building new school.
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