How are the children’s family’s situation todayThe day, I visited the children’s family that they are studying in F A C C H.

Sunday26th March 2016. I visited my students’ families to find out their fmalies’s real situation. According to my visiting and interviewing them about families’ real statement at their homes. I have fount that they are reelly poor, they live from hand to mouth their lives are very hard becuase their perents’ generation did not get any education, so illitacy brings them to face this situation, yet they really want their small children to get well education thanks to they have understood clearly why they are poor until now becuase ofi NO EDUCATION. For my self, I am also a poor man and a poor student, yet I have a chance to keep on my studies at University thanks to I have got suport from generious people, so I can be here now and I never forget what they help me so I have bring this generosity to help young generation.
Anyways, these students’ families are hungry of education, food, clean water, Medicine and clothers for their daily lives and these children and their fmailies’ dreams are going to have well education and they will not give up ths dream and especially, theyhave enough willingness for their dreamws.
Finally, I have strong belief that we will have some generious people will join with us to help them to reach their goal.
” Education is the effective wheel fo be better”DSCN8235
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