History of the F A C C H

Friendship Association for Cambodian Child Hope has been set up by the local, generous community who came from different backgrounds and countries. Started in 2008, it is the east of Siem Reap, Cambodia, just thirty minutes away by motorcycle. The school helps 90 very poor, homeless, and orphaned rural children. The children who attend this school are 7 to 18 years old.

FACCH provides the children with free education in subjects such as Khmer language(national language), Mathematics, English, and Khmer History and Culture. The school has plans to also open others subjects soon such as a Computer class, Chinese class, Japanese class, Sewing class, and others. The school also aims to give poor, orphaned and rural children the opportunity to study at University. FACCH has strategies to assist the children studying in universities, but it needs much cooperation from generous people, organizations, communities, and charities to support this project, too. If an individual, organization, community, or a charity are interesting to join with our projects, they can help the children with the human resources by donation or other means. After the children have graduated school, they will be able to develop their rural areas more fully. They will be the positive examples of young generations, and they will have an effective strategies to fight the poverty and blindness in their societies.

All of these children need your help and support. Everyone has a right to learn and achieve what they need in their life. We expect you will join with us to find an effect way to fight poverty and blindness in the world.