Dear reader, you are certainly coming from a country where education is more equal for everybody and where schools are well organized and everybody has a chance to succeed and get a proper education. However, you are can contribute to the running costs of our learning centers and the boarding School. A few dollars will make a Hugh difference
USD 5 Pay for 10 School books for Children
USD 10 Pay for 1 School Uniform for a poor Child
USD 15 Pay for the daily food ration for 25 Children and the staff of the boarding School
USD 50 Pay for 1 Teacher salary for a full Month
USD 100 Pay for a full year of high School education of one of the talented girls or boys
You can donate in cash of by wire from your banking account.
For more information see our website
On behalf of all the children we thank you for making a difference in their life and the future of Cambodia!

Please click here to see Bank infomation
Thank for your donation

Receiver: Friendship Association for Cambodian Child Hope

Address: Kouk Trach Village, Bakong Commune, Brasat Bakong District of Siem Reap, Cambodia, National Highway No. 6

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