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Lolei and Kouk Trach Leaning Centers

Right behind the famous Lolei temples you will find the Universal Friendship Association for Cambodian Child Hope. Hun Huok, a highly dedicated monk with a Master’s Degree in economics from the Siem Reap University, is the founder and dean of the School and the Director of the Boarding School. 25 boys-orphans or from very poor families-between age 5 and 15 live in house and are looked after.
Almost 300 Children from the local community receive School Uniforms, Material and Where applicable, Scholarships. The School in Cambodia last only from 7 to 10 am. The learning centers in Lolei and Kouk Trach (5km from Lolei) provide all children with the badly needed additional training in Math, English, Khmer and Computer (3 daily shifts from 7to 11 am, 1 to 5 pm and 5 to 7 pm). Without this extensive training and coaching the children will never find a job in the fastly growing tourism industry or go to University.