Partnership in F A C C H

Until 2016 we had an Italian partner helping us with reading material, clothes and student’s supplies for 3 years. Thank you so  much, Barbara Scotto and all of your friends. We are most grateful for your help during a difficult time.

In November 2016 we met with a swiss enterpreneur visiting the Lolie school. He and his wife were travelling in Cambodia and happend to visit the temples around Siem Reap. Their guide Dany took them to the remote place of Lolie and showed them the achievements of the venerable monk Hun Huok. They were deeply touched by the commitment of Hun Huok and his teaching staff. Over the last eight years the team under the leadership of the venerable monk had built the school from scratch, starting with lessons in English and Khmer and expanding to computer skills and sewing. They even collected books for a small library enabling children to read and learn in different languages. About 25 of the children/students are staying at the the boarding rooms the school offers. Although everything is very simple it’s clean and well maintained.

Upon their return to Europe the couple and the venerable monk stayed in touch by email and the idea of supporting the school and the boarding facilities took form. Within two months a solid project/budget with proper project management on spot and a reliable check & balance was put in place. Through some local introductions we found Steve, a European based in Siem Reap and married to his local spouse with three magnificent children. Steve is a „down to earth“ person, former farmer and also an entrepreneur with great skills. Adding a well established, renowned auditing company for the quarterly audits/reports the project was ready for take off. Some call it „luck“. We rather use the term „destiny“. How else could we kickstart a wonderful project with dedicated people and a lot of expertise in such a short period of time.

In the meantime two family charity foundations from Switzerland are contributing substantially to the yearly running costs of the school. The bathrooms have been refurbished with clean running water. And the teaching staff can finally focus on teaching children and students. The only chance for these children, mostly from very poor families or some of them being orphans, is to learn to read, speak and write english and Khmer, to have basic math skills and to know how to use a computer. That is their ticket to a job in the fast growing tourism industry and to further schooling or even university.

If you are interested in getting to know more about the project, please contact the venerable monk Hun Huok. He will then put you in touch with the project management.


1) inside the Gaslini Hospital with the doctors of the Oncologic Unit20140620_150349

Babarra Scotto and her group are our corporation between Cambodian School, Universal Friendship School for Cambodian Children and Italian volunteer group in Italy.
If someone would like to communicate with Babarra Scotto and her group in Italy directly please write to Babarra Scotto e. mail:

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