Whether an individual, a private company, or a school, ALL donations are widely useful. Please consider making a donation to our program.

Donations to the FACCH will go to support the Universal Friendship School. Some areas that are supported by donations include food, material for studies (note book, bag, pen or pencil, markers, etc), documents for studies, electricity, and for planning towards the school’s growth. Our new school in Kouk Trach Village (Kouk Trach School) is undergoing quick expansion, but this development also requires significant financial support.

The Universal Friendship School accepts two types of doations:

Firstly, you can donate school supplies/materials. If you would like to donate in this way, please plan to mail us at the following address address: Lolei Temple, Bakong Commune, Brasat Bakong District of Siem Reap, Cambodia, National Highway No. 6. Before making a donation of materials, please contact us to help touch-base about your donation interest.

Secondly, financial donations to our programs are also possible. Most easily, we accept financial donations through PayPal, using the button located on the right hand side of our website. Alternatively, we can also accept financial donations through money transfers. If you are making this type of donation from within Cambodia, you can donate directly to the school’s bank account by using the information found through this link:  bank account

If you are making a financial donation from outside of Cambodia, please use Western Union to transfer us money from your country to our school. Please use the following information to make your transfer possible. Before finalizing, contact us to received our “Money Transfer Control Number” (MTCN) necessary for the money transfer.

Western Union

Receiver: Huok Hun

Address: Lolei Temple, Bakong Commune, Brasat Bakong District of Siem Reap, Cambodia, National Highway No. 6


We all massively thank you for your kindness to our school.


Recently, the teachers and the students working and studying in Universal Friendship School for Cambodian Children massively thank Mrs. Herng’s family and her friends from Siem Reap, Cambodia. They brought notebook, pens, bread, water and ice-cream for our students. Here are some photos from that day:

IMG_20160705_161846 IMG_20160705_173503_1 IMG_20160705_173516 IMG_20160705_173916 IMG_20160705_173927 IMG_20160705_173937 IMG_20160705_175109 IMG_20160705_175111IMG_20160705_173503_1 IMG_20160705_175111 IMG_20160705_175109 IMG_20160705_173937 IMG_20160705_173927 IMG_20160705_173916 IMG_20160705_173516

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