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The Friendship Association For Cambodian Child Hope was founded in 2008 by a group of committed community members, and continues to grow and support hundreds of students in rural Cambodia at two school locations. Please scroll down for information on our Background, Vision, Mandate, and Culture. For information about the school’s history, please click here.

Background: Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country of 14 million people, with 80% of the population living in rural areas. It remains one of the poorest countries in South-East Asia.

In a nation where the average income is less than $40 USD per month and the struggle to fill empty bellies is never ending, many families simply cannot afford to send their children to school. Course fees, however, are not the only barrier to education; distance, transport, stationary, clothes, and inadequate teaching facilities all contribute to a startlingly high national illiteracy rate. Data shows that 50% of the population have not completed primary-level education.

We aim to create a new non-profit school 30km east of Siem Reap in the rural township of Bakong. This is predominantly a farming community consisting of approximately twenty adjoining village. At present there are no free charity schools servicing this area.

Like all children, the kids of Bakong grow up dreaming of becoming dancers, actors, doctors and teachers. However, with no means to an education, financial capital, or social connections there is simply no route for them to escape out of poverty. Children (and their children) become trapped for generations in what is known as the “poverty cycle”. Out of desperation, boredom, and a lack of self-worth, many of these children will turn to a life of crime, violence, drugs and alcohol.

Rural Cambodian children grow up in an environment where physical-hardship is accepted as a normal part of life. From a young age they are instilled with the core values of hard work, perseverance, determination, and humility. Like all Cambodians, they do not want charity; just the opportunity to help themselves. Friendship Association For Cambodian Child Hope  (F  A C C H) will foster these qualities and provide the children of seven villages in Bakong with the tools needed to break through the chains of poverty.

Siem Reap is Cambodia’s second largest city. It is expanding at an astonishing rate due to the tourism generated by the Angkor temple complex. Jobs in the tourism/hospitality sector are being created in abundance; however they are not accessible to many Cambodians due to a lack of English skills. Equipped with a thorough language education, there should be no shortage of local jobs awaiting our school graduates.


Friendship Association For Cambodian Child Hope will be the best place of providing education to poor, rural, orphaned and homeless children.


-To give free education to the homeless and orphaned children of our region.
-To teach the children to become good citizens that can help themselves and their societies in a positive way.
-To help them see the world clearly.
-To strengthen their ability as citizens of Cambodia.
-To teach them to develop their potential, and pass on the gained knowledge to other generations.


– Quality, responsibility, and development
– To be lawful, moral, optimistic and obedient

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